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Hi, my name is Jenna Grant, hence the name Jenna’s Divine Bites. My story is simple and stems from my desire for a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. Like all moms I was wanting my kids to eat healthier and was willing to try anything. One of those attempts was trying to hide vegetables into their food without them knowing. It always felt like a small victory when they would eat their food not knowing what was hidden inside. But as my kids grew older and smarter it became harder to hide vegetables in their food. I had to change tactics with a new way for them to eat healthier.

With so many recipes of protein bites out there I started to experiment and created my own original Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bite, but it felt like something was missing. These bites needed something more.

Now a little back story to how I arrived at my now perfected recipe. My father-in-law, Randy Grant, owns a health supplement company, Divine Nature, and he works with a lot of professional golfers. He is often out on tour following these golfers around the course and keeping them healthy. When you walk a full 18 hole golf course it is roughly 5 miles. So my father-in-law started making his version of protein bites for the golfers to keep them fueled on the golf course, but quickly found he didn’t have the time to make the bites, run a business and travel. This is where I came in, I told him I had my version of protein bites that I had been making for my kids for years. It was then I knew I found the part that was missing to my bite recipe. I added Divine Nature’s protein Total Nutrition Chocolate Meal Replacement and their Nature’s Fruit and Vegetable + Probiotics to my bites. It was like a match made in heaven. The flavors were even better and I could still include fruit and vegetables with the addition of probiotics.

I started making bites like crazy for my father-in-law as he traveled around the country to various golf tournaments. Golfers were eating these up, literally, (and they even told him mine were WAY better than his) and word was starting to spread. (I’ve even been told by a few caddies and golfers I was the most popular girl on tour……for my protein bites.) I knew I needed to see if I could start a business.

It wasn’t very long after that I started selling bites in the Divine Nature store and to family and friends. My friends have realized what a great snack they are for their kids after school and in their lunches. They also have told me how they have to sometimes hide them from their kids so they can have an on the go snack too. It has been a fun adventure so far and one that I hope continues for years to come.

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