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36 Whole Fruits & Vegetables

Nature’s Fruits & Vegetables + Probiotics is made from 100% raw whole food fruits and vegetables, in a freeze-dried powder formulation to be of the highest nutrient value possible.

“Mother Nature would approve.”

All the ingredients were picked at their peak ripeness and then put through a specialized low- temperature, freeze-drying process that same day. This unique process of transforming the foods into a powder form retains all of its enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Other forms of processing destroy these vital nutrients.

Just add one scoop to your favorite juice, water, milk, almond milk or smoothie for a delicious drink.

One Scoop Contains…

  • 36 perfectly balanced fruits and vegetables
  • Stabilized probiotics
  • 100% Vegan
  • Boost immunity and digestion
  • Micro-pulverized to expose maximum nutrients
  • Eight servings of Fruits
  • Eight servings of Vegetables
  • High potency of antioxidants

Get The Highest Nutrient Value Possible

Nature’s Fruit & Vegetable + Probiotics is geared for all ages. It provides nutritional balance to children, teens, and adults. This addition to a diet also supports the immune system, raises alkaline pH levels and sustains energy levels. This is perfect for smoothies, yogurts or as an addition to other foods. We encourage you to feel the difference today!