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Vitamin D provides very effective fortification against diseases. It is known to both prevent and treat certain diseases.

1. Vitamin D combats osteoporosis

Vitamin D in combination with calcium lowers the chances of the body developing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a situation of bone thinning and breaking.

If the body is already suffering from osteoporosis, corrected portions can help to bring back health to the bones.

2. Vitamin D saves from colon cancer

A number of researches carried out worldwide have shown the links between reduced rates of colon cancer and good reception of Vitamin D. The greater cases of colon cancer among the people habituating in higher altitudes triggered the hypothesis which is still due to receive sufficient evidence.

However, some scientists have issued a call for action based on the initial success stories of the hypothesis. If vitamin D does not completely provide combat against colon cancer, it definitely contains some of the potential elements to reduce its risks. They recommend an intake to 2000 IU per day to see the results.

3. Vitamin D lowers the risk of heart diseases

Since vitamin D enables wholesome muscles activity in the body, it regulates the heart as well. The heart contains receptors of vitamin D, which helps to improve heart functions. Well-conducted heart functions naturally lessen the chances of any heart-related disorders.

An optimum intake of vitamin D has been proven to reduce the number of heart attacks, strokes, cardiac death and cardiovascular deaths too.

4. Vitamin D lessens the risk of tuberculosis

The matter of tuberculosis in connection with vitamin D came up when most of the cases of TB were observed to have been emerging from places of higher altitudes as compared to those near the equator. And also, people who were diagnosed to have TB had lower levels of vitamin D in their bodies.

Taking into consideration the above evidence, many studies concluded that enough sunshine exposure and additional vitamin D in food can diminish the chances of tuberculosis. This is because vitamin D strengthens the immune system and a powerful immune system doesn’t let the TB bacteria inflict lungs.

5. Vitamin D reduces the number of infant mortalities

Many infants die in the womb due to insufficient nutrition. Among the key nutrients, vitamin D has an important standing.

Vitamin D production during pregnancy is very important to develop fetal lungs and bones. If the fetus does not get a modest amount of UVB exposure, it is probable that lung development is hindered and the infant develops respiratory distress syndrome. This may increase the risk of mortalities.

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