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Maintain-Fortify-Build (MFB)


Maintain Fortify Build Supplement (MFB) is changing the fitness and healing industry! MFB is hailed by professional trainers and health care practitioners alike as the “Go-To” supplement. MFB not only builds lean (healthy) muscle but also aids those who suffer from intestinal disorders. Our patented blend of branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and Vitamins/Minerals coupled with a Glutamine & Enzyme delivery system make this product a must have for training and healing!

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Divine Nature’s Maintain-Fortify-Build formula is the GO-TO supplement for professional basketball, football, golfers and other athletes around the world! It has been shown to be one of the most preferred and effective formulas for athletic trainers and physicians. Divine Nature’s MFB formula promotes the body to maintain, fortify and build healthy tissue, collagen and hormones.

In the beginning we looked at this formula as a way to increase muscle size and strength through NATURAL ingredients. What we developed is a product which has changed the way people understand and support the body’s natural process of healing and rebuilding. This amazing supplement offers a combination of ingredients that work together to help increase anabolism, digestion and the immune system all at the same time. Whether you are addressing intestinal disorders or are an athlete who is ready to support the body like a professional, MFB is your GO-TO supplement.

Maintain proper pH balance, support the digestive tract and the immune system, enhance intestinal absorption of nutrients, build & maintain muscle strength and definition, improve athletic performance and delay muscle fatigue.

Fortify cellular growth after cancer treatments, surgery, and/or trauma to the body. MFB contains all of the necessary ingredients, amino acid chelate form of creatine, stabilized magnesium glycyl glutamine, isoleucine, valine, leucine and Divine Nature’s Specialized Enzyme Blend Delivery System to ensure cellular absorption.

Build lean muscle mass, aid weight gain, increase anabolism, increase production of phosphocreatin and promote muscle protein synthesis while counteracting muscle catabolism.

MFB contains a patented creatine chain amino acid chelate blend and also a patented stabilized glutamine (magnesium glycyl glutamine), the branch chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. All of these play an important role in promoting muscle protein synthesis, counteracting muscle catabolism. Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid found in the muscles of the body. Through our research we also discovered amazing therapeutic benefits also. Because it can pass the blood-brain barrier, it is known as brain fuel. In the brain, glutamine is converted into glutamic acid –which is essential for cerebral function. It assists in maintaining proper acid/alkaline balance in the body and the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract.

Glutamine is the king of ergogenic nutrients (nutrients proven to enhance performance). It is not the most popular nutrient in the media but at Divine Nature we only care about results- not what is considered “popular.” Glutamine is an amino acid that until the last few years was not thought to be essential. Now research shows that under any type of physical or emotional stress, glutamine is used up dramatically and needs to be replenished. Glutamine is both directly anabolic (muscle building) and anti-catabolic (stops muscle degradation) at the same time. It has been proven to be non-toxic. It greatly supports the immune system and is the main food for the GI tract which is key to long term performance success.

Have you ever started a mass routine and right when you are starting to get some results, you get sick? Many people don’t realize that intense lifting for size puts extra strain on your body’s nutrient stores. These nutrients are not only needed for recovery and muscle enhancement, they help to prevent you from becoming ill by keeping your immune system strong.

Today, professional athletes are realizing this important fact and are now spending a good deal of time keeping their bodies in balance so they can handle the rigors of excess exercise. To remedy this situation, it is imperative that you take the appropriate amounts of whole food vitamins, chelated minerals, enzymes, probiotics, and antioxidants in order to keep your immune system strong. Many top sports nutrition scientists and writers have studied peer reviewed journals and came out with their list of the top proven nutrients f

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