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Nature’s Multi-Vitamin


“Nature’s Multi-Vitamin” formula provides a natural whole food source for vitamins and minerals. Our whole food approach ensures that these vitamins and minerals in their amino acid chelate form can be digested and absorbed. Every vegan friendly capsule contains the co-factors, enzymes and herbs to ensure maximum absorption rates. This whole food multi-vitamin is your choice for safe, natural and effective supplementation.

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Nature’s Multi-Vitamin formula provides a natural whole food source for vitamins and minerals.  It also ensures that these nutrients can be digested and absorbed. Whole foods and whole food complexes are entire composites, not synthetic composites or fractions of vitamins.  They are live, moving, functioning wheels within wheels. A real nutrient must contain the vitamins along with their natural synergists (co-acting, concurrent, associated factors) as found in un-refined foods. Fractionating (pulling apart the constituents that make up food) changes the food into a non-food. These non-food fractions are now foreign and unrecognizable to the body and are essentially reacted too like a drug.

For example: alpha tocopherol is sold as “Vitamin E.”  Actually, it is only an outer protective covering of the real Vitamin E.  Separated from its natural synergists, this vitamin E loses up to 99 percent of its potency or function!  The tocopherol, without the other naturally occurring constituents, really ceases to be Vitamin E.  The human cell recognizes and can use for fuel, repair, and function, only natural low-potency food complexes.

Unfortunately, most commercially available vitamin supplements provide either synthetic vitamins that are not even complete sources of vitamins, which are allowed to be called “Natural” or “Organic” on the labels even though they are not!  They are allowed to do this because the FDA considers the word “Natural” as anything that comes from nature, including chemicals since they ultimately came from nature.  The word “Organic” is interpreted simply as anything that contains carbon molecules, and is not necessarily an organically grown or a chemically free product.

On the other hand, food supplement manufacturers which produce their products from a food source, will generally list on the label the actual foods from which the vitamins in their products originated.  So, if you pick up your vitamin bottle at the local health food store and it reads on the label “Vitamin C as Ascorbate” or “Ascorbic Acid,” you should realize that there is no such thing as an Ascorbic Acid plant or tree.  If it reads “Vitamin A, as Acetate,” or “Retinal Palmitate,” you should realize again that there are no Acetate or Palmitate plants; these are not natural ingredients.

Make sure your sources are truly from a plant source. For example- Vitamin C as Oranges, Acerola Cherry, Green Pepper, Chickweed etc., or Vitamin E as Wheat Grass or Spinach etc., Vitamin A as Carrot, Alfalfa, Wild Yam, Broccoli, Spinach, Oranges etc.   Divine Nature’s truly ALL NATURAL Multi-Vitamin Supplement, is the best multi-vitamin on the market today.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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