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Osteo Repair Supplement


Osteo Repair is your answer for addressing bone density issues such as Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. Each capsule contains a specialized blend of Calcium, flavanoids and co-factors for maximum absorption and repair. Do not wait, order Osteo Repair today and start seeing the Divine Nature difference!

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The Osteo Repair Supplement from Divine Nature!

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass. Detecting osteoporosis is important because osteoporosis presents no symptoms or warning signals, yet it is the third most prevalent disease in the United States today. Osteoporosis is also one of the leading causes of debilitation and death. In 2009 there were approximately 1.6 million fractures due to osteoporosis in the United States alone. Over 40,000 women will die this year from complications of osteoporosis fractures. Only 4% of these patients have been diagnosed and are under treatment.

Osteo Repair: This formula contains two of the most beneficial nutrients introduced in the past 25 years for increasing and strengthening bone mineral density. “Ipriflavone” from Ostivone is in a category of compounds called flavonoids. Although ipriflavone is less known in the United States, it is well known in Europe and Japan has been used for many years. Osteo Repair also contains the best absorbable forms of calcium, in the form of Amino Acid Chelated Calcium.

Ipriflavone has a long history of research supporting its beneficial effects for bone health. It has been evaluated in animal studies since 1974 and in human studies since 1981. Studies conducted in animals and humans, called “in vivo” studies, and studies conducted in cells, called “in vitro” studies, indicate that ipriflavone works in several ways to promote bone health.

Ipriflavone acts on bone health by:

• Enhancing the action of calcium

• Inhibiting bone resorption

• Promoting bone formation

• Improving bone strength

The best form of calcium: A double blind placebo-controlled clinical trial with 191 women compared the effects of one gram per day of supplemental calcium to the same amount of calcium plus ipriflavone. After a 6 month period, Bone-Mass-Density had decreased in the calcium-only group but had increased in the calcium plus ipriflavone group. After 12 months, BMD had decreased significantly in the calcium-only group, indicating that calcium alone was not sufficient to maintain bone health in these women.

In another BMD study recently in Italy, 90 women ages 53-65 years showed that ipriflavone plus 1 gram of Amino Acid Chelated Calcium per day significantly increased bone mineral density (BMD) by 2% after 6 months and 5.8% after 12 months. The researchers also found that the subjects reported a significant decrease in spontaneous pain by 45% at 6 months and 65 % at 12 months.

Too many people confuse osteoporosis with arthritis and think they will have painful joints or aching bones as an indication that something is wrong. Most often this disease is silent.

Don’t Forget Nutrition and Exercise:

Nutrition – Calcium is essential for healthy bones. It is very important to increase calcium intake by eating foods that are high in calcium. We also recommend that you avoid foods or eating habits that deplete calcium you may already be getting from foods. Carbonation, high protein diets, alcohol, sodium, prescription drugs, high fat diets, coffee and white flour can deplete calcium.

Exercise – Rotate monthly between high impact (jogging, walking, stair climbing, dancing) and low impact aerobic exercise programs (swimming, indoor cycling, stretching). Resistance training with small weights is also recommended.

Divine Nature has outlined a three- Product approach to help you improve your bone health:

Recommended Dosage – Osteo Repair, 2 capsules twice daily. It is highly encouraged to combine this with Nature’s Multi-Vitamin, 2 capsules a day and Total Digestive Enzymes, 2 capsules with each cooked or processed meal.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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