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Kid’s Enzymes Probiotic Chewables


Kid’s Enzyme Probiotic Chewables provide people of all ages with a strong, natural blend of enzymes and probiotics in a chewable tablet. These Chewables aid in addressing digestive issues such as acid reflux, gas, allergies, asthma, constipation, diarrhea and chronic medication/antibiotic use. Don’t wait, order Kid’s Enzyme Probiotic Chewable today!

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Kids’ Enzyme Probiotic Chewables

Growing up as a kid, how many times do you remember hearing the phrase, “Don’t forget to chew your food?” Why is this so important? When we chew food properly we begin the process of digestion. If digestion is not completed, nutrition and energy to the body on a cellular level is lost. Enzymes are the key ingredients in processing your foods, however, they are lost in cooking and the processing of the foods we eat. On a daily basis, many individuals are pulling into the drive through windows at our favorite fast food restaurants to feed our kids a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. Chicken nuggets, a hamburger and fries, a taco or bean burrito are an easy alternative to a well prepared meal. It’s quick, it’s convenient, yet it’s not healthy. Even if you are eating a nutrient-rich diet, you can still feel the effects of starvation if you are not digesting properly.

Due to the cooking of food and the destruction of the enzymes, a “pad-lock” effect has now, in essence “locked up” the vitamins and minerals contained in those foods. Without the enzymes which were lost when the food that was cooked over 118° degrees Fahrenheit (the temperature at which enzymes are destroyed), there is nothing to break down the fats, proteins, sugars and dairy to convert them into usable nutrients for the body.

We need help! Our kids need help! We need to add back (supplement) the enzymes to support digestion. When we peel or cut open something raw, like an apple or a banana, they begin to turn brown and rot. This is because the naturally occurring enzymes are digesting the food. When you cook something and destroy the enzymes, the food is now dead, having no natural enzymes any longer to support digestion, and the nutrients are locked up. At Divine Nature we have a hamburger that was purchased on February 19th, 1999. That is more than a decade ago. It still looks the same today as it did then, just dried out.

Your pancreas must work twice as hard supply the enzymes for digesting cooked food. In the long term, you run the pancreas out of enzymes, which in-turn leads to deficiencies like lactose intolerance, diabetes, arthritis, cholesterol and fat problems.

The next area of focus in our kids is the abuse of antibiotics. From birth to adult, antibiotics are administered as the cure all, yet do we truly realize what antibiotics do to us? The dictionary states that the word “antibiotic” means “against life.” We take antibiotics to destroy the bad bacteria that make us sick however; antibiotics do not just destroy bad bacteria alone, they also destroy the good bacteria, also known as “flora” that forms our mucosa lining to protect us from the bad bacteria. Without the mucosa lining, we have digestive issues like ulcer’s, constipation, colds, flu, infections, yeast, candida, diarrhea, immune disorders, fibromyalgia and many other issues.

Probiotics are vital for good health. We need to have at least 3 lbs of probiotics, or “flora,” in our intestines to stay healthy. Kids’ Enzyme Probiotic Chewables adds back what is being destroyed, they maintain a steady amount of enzymes and probiotics which will aid the body in digestion, nutrient delivery and to fight back and support the immune system.

Divine Nature’s Kids’ Enzyme Probiotic Chewables taste amazing! Kids and adults love them! They are possibly the most important thing you can give your kids body next to love and attention.

Recommended Dosage: Chew 2 tablets with meals.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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