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Total Nutrition Vanilla


Total Nutrition Vanilla is a blend of 24 vitamins & minerals, branch chain amino acids, 25 grams of protein (isolates) and Divine Nature’s patented delivery system- in every serving! This product serves as a total meal replacement. The ingredients are formulated to ensure maximum absorption in the body and avoid harmful waste protein like many supplements found on the market today. If you are ready for a safe, whole food meal replacement for children and athletes alike, then Total Nutrition Vanilla is your answer!

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Product Description

Total Nutrition Vanilla is truly a meal replacement! We have been educated for years that we must eat a certain way and supplement a certain way. We have been told that we should not skip meals and that it would be hard to get all our body needs “nutritionally” in a powdered drink. Additionally, many “natural protein powders” can be harmful due an overage of ingredients which can’t be digested. Divine Nature has come a long way in formulating the most nutrient dense, safe, whole food powder supplement available.

Total Nutrition Vanilla contains a full spectrum of vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals. It is the only powder that can provide maximum absorption rates of each of its minerals and vitamins. These patented and proprietary ingredients ensure assimilation at the cellular level. As with all Divine Nature products, this product has everything it needs to be digested at no cost to your digestive system. The [heat free] manufacturing process maintains the nutritional integrity and sets it as a standard for the nutrition industry.

Total Nutrition Vanilla also has a full variety of protein isolates blended together to increase greater absorption on a cellular level. Isolation is the separation of the protein from the dairy source. These protein isolates maintain their quality while making it easier to digest for individuals who are dairy sensitive. Each serving of Total Nutrition contains 25 grams of protein from whey, pea and rice sources. When proteins are broken down by enzymes into an amino acid, the body can then utilize that amino acid in the area of the body that needs it the most. For example: healing from a workout, surgery or broken bone.

Each protein contains different amounts of amino acids, and every protein has higher or lower levels of certain amino acids to provide maximum assimilation. The mix of 24 vitamins and minerals in Total Nutrition are from whole food sources. The fatty acids are MTC (medium chain triglyceride) based, complimented with quality essential fatty acids, to provide metabolism efficiency.

Suggested uses:

Total Nutrition Vanilla can be mixed with Nature’s Fruit & Vegetables + Probiotics powder to create an amazing blend with 36 certified organic fruits and vegetables. These can be blended together with your favorite juices and fruits. Grape, Pineapple, Orange Juice, Apple, Cranberry, smoothies or just water. You cannot get a healthier blended meal that tastes great too.

Total Nutrition Vanilla is a supplement for individuals lacking in micronutrients and protein, athletes who require superior nutrition or who need weight management. It is a great tasting replacement for junk foods and cravings and is beneficial after workouts to help increase protein and muscle growth.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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