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Ingest To Digest

Digest What You Are Ingesting

Don't Let Food Go Undigested

Feel the benefits of proper digestion today. Total Digestive Enzymes is unique blend of plant based enzymes & probiotics housed in a vegan capsule.  This allows these enzymes to break the food down into usable nutrition, and friendly bacteria to aid in utilizing those nutrients in the bloodstream.   We also have “Kids Enzymes & Probiotic Chewable” available for children.

Superior Health Begins With Proper Digestion

Enzymes Unlock Health

•  Replace  vital enzymes destroyed in the cooking process

•  100% vegan with plant based enzymes & probiotics in a veggie capsule

•  Contains five strains of beneficial probiotics or flora

•  Aids with gas, upset stomach, pain, constipation, diarrhea & allergies

•  Includes important herbs to help in digestion

•  Have what you eat assimilated at the cellular level

Think of your enzymes as the construction workers in your body. They break down things down at the cellular level into usable nutrients, they are vital for the formation of amino acids and all aspects of energy. Enzymes are arguably one of the most important components of your body- without them oxygen, water and even probiotics would not function properly.


Choose Total Digestive Enzymes with the confidence that every capsule is of the highest quality and can help you achieve your superior health. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Divine Nature today.

Foods cannot be

digested without

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